Water-based stainless steel

$19.60 $34.98

Are you tired of scrubbing away rust with steel wool, sandpaper and paint? Now you can do all this with a simple brushstroke.water-based rust remover that you apply with a brush. All rust dissolves and any color is restored.

Dries in just 20 minutes

Water-based stainless steel is quick-drying and completely free of hazardous substances. After only 15 minutes, the surface has dried enough to be able to touch it. After 30 minutes it is completely dry and after 6 hours the metal is 100% stainless and water resistant.

Perfect for many purposes

Because Water-based stainless steel means that you do not have to sand and sandpaper away the rust, it is perfect for basically all objects. You brush this rust treatment on tools, all parts of the car, screws, nuts, etc. There are no objects where Water-based stainless steel does not get the job done. Enjoy seeing your metal objects come to life and protect them from future rust attacks. 

Each Water-based stainless steel contains 100 ml.