Sparkle Mist

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Top tip: lf you don't like a plain boring dress make it glitterywith a glitter spray so u didn't waste money.
Body Glitter
GLITTER EFFECT: This glitter hairspray is perfect for your bodyfrom head to toe: body, hair, face, skin, clothes. Apply a smallamount on the body for a subtle shimmer on collarbone andshoulders, and apply an extra layer for intense drama. Make youthe center of attention and glamorous in everyday occasions atfestivals and parties.
Body Glitter Spray
EASY TO USE: Shake well before use, press nose, then spray on hairface, body or clothes at a distance of 20-30 cm, the fine mist glitterpowder will automatically absorb on the surface, wait ó0 seconds fora shimmery sheen. 
Glitter Spray
NATURAL SAFE INGREDIENTS: Made from low-irritantingredients and high-quality glitter, suitable for most skin types.Light spray texture is refreshing and not greasy. Helps cover excessoil without clogging pores. lt has good adhesion and is easy on theskin and keeps the glitter effect for a long time. Let you shine and
charming every day!
glitter spray for hair and body