Solar Power Mouse Mole Snakes Pest Rodent Repeller

$17.99 $29.90

🦎This solar powered rodent repeller uses ultrasonic pulses to scare moles, mice, and snakes lurking around your property. 

No need to hunt them or ruin your beautiful landscape!


🌞Built For Large Spaces
👨‍👩‍👦‍👦CHEMICAL-FREE & Safe, Humane & Pet Friendly 



Solar Panel Size: 65*50mm
Material: PP
Charging Time: 8H
Working Time: 72H
Battery: 1.2V 600mA
Frequency: 400-1000Hz
Power: 3W

Customer questions & answers

Q1: Will this get rid of a groundhog?
A1: Yes, it will help and scare away the groundhog due to they emit ultrasonic waves beneath the ground.
Q2: They make a loud buzzing sound. Is this normal?
A2: They should emit a sound so that is totally normal. They should be far enough in the ground so the sound is not bothersome to you.
Q3: Will it bother birds? I'd love to rid the yard of squirrels but not the birds.
A3: We have tons of birds and no birds were bothered. 
Q4: Will it repel California Ground Squirrels?
A4: The mole and gopher repellent stakes emits a pulsing buzzing into the surrounding soil so they are effective against squirrels and basically any pest that burrows underground.
Q5: Does it keep snake away?
A5: The device is designed to scare away rodents that arrange their burrows in the ground (moles, gopher, field voles, etc.), and also this product repels snakes.
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