Revolutionary superglue 3pack

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There is glue and there is super glue. Revolutionary Superglue is one of the strongest adhesives you can find and can be used on basically anything. Things that you previously did not think were possible to repair with the help of glue, are now fixed in no time and with incredible strength. 

Handles all materials

With Revolutionary Superglue you can now glue metal, plastic, rubber, glass and even tires! Of course, you can also glue materials such as paper and wood. You get a very strong repair that lasts surprisingly well. Things that have broken or broken off and that you previously had to throw away, you can now glue and repair. Things will be like new again.

Waterproof glue

The repair with Revolutionary Superglue is water and temperature resistant. This means that you can use the glue even in wet rooms or in, for example, engine rooms where the temperature is high.