Nail Art Printing Tools + Silicone Stamps

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【How to use the silicone soft stamp】

1: Before use: The new silicone print head will have a thin layer of oil stains when it leaves the factory. Before use, wipe it with a paper towel and use it. The soft stamp can also be used after polishing. The matte print head has a stronger adsorption force and reduces the difficulty of transfer. It does not have to be polished and can be determined according to personal use.

2: In use: The operation methods of soft stamp and hardness are different. Pay attention to the transfer force when grabbing the pattern on the template. When using the soft stamp, you only need to gently roll over the template. Excessive force will cause the phenomenon of bursting or poor transfer. , please be sure to practice diligently before you can become a manicurist.

3: After use: Soft stamps are easily stained with ash, transfer with tape, and the surface of the print head will be very clean after cleaning.