Men's and women's height-boosting insoles

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Finally get the size you want! Thanks to the insoles, increase your height by 3, 4.5 or 6 cm in complete discretion without anyone noticing. Find your lost confidence in addition to unparalleled comfort thanks to their shock absorber.

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We are so sure of the quality of our product that we offer you a 14-day money-back guarantee. Order your  insoles and if you are not satisfied within 14 days, send the insoles back to us and we will refund you every penny. You test and then you make your decision. 

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We take 2 days to process your order and then 3 to 7 days to deliver it to you.

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📔 Advice for use

We have questions every day about the use of our insoles. Many fear that their foot will protrude from the shoe. However, by choosing your sole height correctly according to the type of shoe you have, it is impossible for others to notice something and even less for it to bother you when walking.

Here is what we recommend: if you wear low shoes, or "sneakers", we advise you to use only the raising sole (3cm) or to add an additional layer if you feel comfortable but beyond that, it may be unpleasant since your foot is more inclined to come out of the shoe and it is neither aesthetic nor comfortable for you. 

However, if you wear high shoes, which hold your ankle better, you can use as many extra layers as you like as long as you keep your shoes feeling comfortable.


Whatever their size, who has never dreamed of a solution to instantly gain several centimeters in height without anyone being able to suspect it? In the collective imagination, the fact of being taller refers to several notions such as power, presence or confidence. From a purely aesthetic point of view, a man will have a more slender and present silhouette by gaining a few centimeters. From all points of view, being taller rhymes with improved self-esteem, especially if you are not comfortable with your size - a complex commonly more present in men.

Unfortunately, many men suffer from this situation on a daily basis, and some even without knowing it.

Have you ever been in any of these situations: 

 - You received a reflection on your short stature

- You feel in a position of inferiority in your group of friends

- You compare your height to that of your friends

- You are afraid to ask this girl out

- You look in the mirror and tell yourself that you would be better with a few more centimeters

- You don't see much in concerts, at the cinema...

Yes ? So read the following carefully, you have come to the right place.


You are   in no way responsible for your small size , and that's okay, but we understand that it's nice to feel taller, more charismatic, more confident, more listened to and above all more desired, and it's This is why we offer you the possibility of   regaining your self-confidence  thanks to our   heightening insoles.


A study found a link between height and self-confidence: Daniel Freeman, a clinical psychologist at Oxford University, studied the effect of height on paranoia. He notes that in tall men, "the odds of feeling anxious or depressed tend to be somewhat lower." Being small as a man makes you more likely to suffer from depression


Unfortunately, most short people feel  powerless against their complex since there is no cure for "growing up".


This is why we created 


Gain several centimeters thanks to , yes, but on condition that it is not visible. We understand your need for discretion! This is one of the criteria of the shoes designed by . Quite classic in appearance, they incorporate a heightening heel piece that cannot be seen from the outside. This is probably why you do not suspect how many men  (presenters, actors, politicians...) have recourse to this kind of practice!

Our priority at is to make you feel taller, to feel better about yourself with a few extra centimeters and thus regain your self-confidence.