Heat Erasable Fabric Marking Pens

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Make Your Sewing Projects Easier With Disappearing Ink 

The unique gel ink of these pens makes clear marks on fabrics and disappears after ironing. Amazing!

Unlike previous heat erasable fabric pens this pen has been uniquely designed to only BECOME VISIBLE AT 14°F/-10°C. Will Only Affect Those In Extremely Cold Climates.

They have a small, accurate writing point leaving a thin yet nicely visible line and work extraordinarily well on nearly all fabrics. So what you get is a thin, accurate and clearly visible mark that stays visible for as long as you want and is removed with an easy pass of the iron. A must-have for all sewing lovers!

INK VANISHES EASILY with just a hot iron. There’s no need to pre-treat and launder fabric to remove ghost lines. Yet unlike tailors’ chalk, our sewing markers won’t rub off before you’ve completed your project.

One set consists of 10 Madamcc Heat Erasable Fabric Marking Pens. In Colors: Blue, Red, Black & Beige.  



Set Contains: 10 Pens in colors Black, Blue, Red & Beige.
Remains invisible unless temperature is below 14°F/-10°C.
Writing Point: 0.7mm
Writing Width: 0.35mm
Ink Color: Black, Blue, Red & Beige
Refillable: Yes