Leather Repair Patch Tape Kit

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About this item

  • Leather patches have classic textures and colors. The leather tape is easy to use,no ironing,sewing,or waiting time required.The leather repair tape is soft,waterproof,wear-resistant,and scratch-resistant.
  • The sofa repair leather patch has strong self-adhesiveness and ease of use:clean up the damaged surface,cut out the appropriate size with scissors. Remove the backing paper on the adhesive and place it in the area that needs repair. It quickly makes your favorite furniture and clothes look new again. Under normal circumstances,this leather repair patch can last for several years,just like your new furniture.
  • Suitable for sofas,recliners,chairs,car seats,bags,wallets,boots,belts,seat cushions,luggage, gloves,motorcycle seats,loungers,handbags,truck seats,and other vinyl leather furniture. Suitable for seat edges.
  • Friendly reminder:Due to differences in screen display,color variations may occur.Please carefully compare the texture and color, and choose the appropriate color to match.

Product Description

Want to give your sofa a new look? Choose our leather patches, which have an efficient repairing ability with superb adhesion, easy to cut and provide you with a perfect size match. Not only that, it's versatile and easy to use. Whether it's a sofa at home or a car seat, it's the perfect fix.

leather patch

Self-adhesive leather patch tape is the best assistant to quickly repair sofa and car seat scratches, tears, holes,burn marks, tears, spots, sofa surface peeling, fading, pet damage and other common injuries.

leather patch tape

A departure from the regular leather patches on the market, designed to meet your unique quest for color and texture. We are committed to helping you select the right product for your worn-out sofa and give it a new look!

leather repair patch

Looking for the perfect repair solution? Choose our leather patches, which not only offer superior adhesion, but are safe and harmless to use, ensuring that every repair is as good as new. Trustworthy quality is waiting for you to experience.

leather patches

Leather patches have a wide range of applications, not only acting on sofas and car seats, but also on backpacks, pillows, office chairs, furniture edges and corners. Maximize your help to repair the breakage quickly.

leather patches