Leather Dyeing Paste

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EASY APPLICATION: our balm was designed for effortless application, allowing users to simply rub the balm onto the leather surface using the sponge included in each order. This ensures that the restoration process is quick and hassle-free, even for those with no prior experience in leather care.

NOURISHING FORMULA: unlike other products on the market, our balm contains a blend of high-quality, natural ingredients that not only restore color but also nourish and condition the leather. This helps to prevent cracking, peeling, and fading, extending the lifespan of the leather product and maintaining its suppleness and softness.

SAFE AND SUSTAINABLE INGREDIENTS: Our recoloring balm is formulated using eco-conscious and non-toxic ingredients, ensuring it is safe for use in homes with children and pets (while we highly advise keeping it out of reach). The balm is not only effective in restoring color but also responsible and sustainable, minimizing its impact on the environment and users' health.

LONG-LASTING RESULTS: The recoloring balm is formulated to provide durable and long-lasting results, ensuring that the restored color remains vibrant and resistant to wear and tear. This offers a cost-effective solution for maintaining the appearance of their leather items, reducing the need for frequent reapplications or replacements.

Recoloring That Lasts

Our formula penetrates deep into leather pores; yeilding results that will last up to 10 years

Earth Conscious

Restore your leather while conserving expensive leather fabric. Mother earth will thank you!

Leather Friendly

Finally say goodbye to recoloring products that leave leather dried and cracked when you try !



The expensive leather you paid a fortune for years ago has now become scratched, torn, or dented. It's not just the money you've spent on it but also the time, effort, and love that went into picking the perfect item. You can't bear the thought of throwing it away, but you also don't know how else to fix up that worn-out look without breaking the bank. Here's where Clyde's Leather Recoloring Balm comes in.


Until  Leather Recoloring Balm, recoloring your leather meant using expensive dyes which contain toxic and harmful ingredients and often leave leather cracked and dry. We changed that. Our high-tech recoloring balm recolors leather while improving its lifespan tenfold; restoring leather's natural color, filling in old scratches, and usable on any leather surface, including your car seats, sofas, boots, jackets, saddles, bags and more...

For Absorbent Leather
A balm designed for absorbent leather. Don't have absorbent leather? Use our deglazer!

Is my leather absorbent?
Before using our leather coloring balm, your leather must be absorbent. Check this as follows:

Put a few drops of water on the surface of the leather, preferably on an undamaged area. If the water is absorbed by the leather and the color of the leather surface darkens, your leather is absorbent. This means that the manufacturer's original leather finish has worn out or has never been used.
How much do I need?

Once the balm is fully cured, it is recommended that you do not reapply. Therefore, we recommend using the recommended amount when applying. Having said that, a little goes a long way.

4-step description

4-Step Leather Recoloring Process - A proven solution for leather repair and restoration. This easy to follow process has been developed through years of research, customer reviews and expert opinion to ensure impressive results. Please follow the steps as instructed to avoid poor results.

STEP 1 CLEAN LEATHER: First clean the surface of the leather with Clyde's Leather Cleaning Foam and a cloth. This step effectively removes dirt and dust embedded in the pores of the leather.

STEP 2 WATER ABSORPTIVENESS TEST: If the leather is not absorbent, remove the original coating using Clyde's Leather Preparer and Deglazer. This product removes non-absorbent oils and grease from the leather and prepares it for the dye paste.

STEP 3 APPLY STAINING BALM: Apply a small amount of Clyde Leather Staining Balm and massage into the leather using the sponge supplied. Wait 24-36 hours for the balm to cure. Once fully cured, no additional balm can be applied.

STEP 4 CONDITION LEATHER: After applying the balm, seal the balm with Clyde's Natural Leather Conditioner to prevent color transfer and prolong the life of the leather.


Capacity: 60ML
Weight: 30g

Item form: Balm/Paste

Suitable for: Most absorbent leather surfaces, of any condition, except calf, nubuck and suede leather.

Package Includes: Leather Recoloring Balm, Application Sponge, Gloves for Application, Instructions Pamphlet

Ingredients: Resin Derived From Plants, Dye, Binder




Would balm stain my clothing or rub off? No, the balm doesn't color transfer when applied correctly and given the correct amount of time to cure. It's designed to chemically bond with the leather surface.

How long does it take to cure? Upon contact, our balm will begin to chemically bond with the surface of your leather. However, you must wait 24 hours after application to begin using your leather again. Once cured, you will need to seal the balm with our leather conditioning cream.

Can colors be mixed? Colors can be mixed to achieve any desired color. 

Can I change the color of my leather? Any color balm can recolor any color leather. I.e. a black leather surface can be recolored to light brown or white. If going from a darker color to a lighter color, more coats of the balm will need to be applied.

What is Clyde's 4-Step Process? Our easy and highly effective method for leather recoloring and repair, backed by years of trial and error, thousands of customer reviews, and feedback from dozens of professional leather workers. The process consists of cleaning, absorbency testing, recoloring, and conditioning your leather.

Are your recoloring products flammable or corrosive? There are no solvents, flammable or corrosive materials present in any product except our leather prep and degalzer. For our deglazer, avoid conact with eyes and skin. Do not ingest any of our products.