Advanced Leather Repair Gel

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Leather Color [Mix & Match]:


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Do you want to make your expensive leather & vinyl items look & feel NEW again? ✨

Easy, one-for-all fix.
With our original LeatherFix™ Repair Gel, you can instantly restore the look of your furniture, car seats, or any other leather items you love!

Simply apply some of the colored gel on a towel, rub the damaged spot and watch the magic happen!

The gel closely adapts to the color of the leather, so you do not have to worry about discolored spots. Fix scratches, rips, tears, burn holes cracks, with one easy solution!

Advanced Cracks & Rips Leather Repair Gel – Primrose Breeze

Instant, professional results.

The formula dries quickly, does not come off, and leaves no sticky residue. Forget about overpriced repairs, when you can fix all the imperfections yourself!

We recommend ordering 2 or more gels if you are planning a larger repair job. Your leather interior deserves all the care to stay lustrous and beautiful!

Leather Refinish and Repair Oil | eBay

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  • Bring your leather back to life!
  • Easy application, perfect color match
  • Save your expensive furniture for longer!
  • Perfect for both leather & vinyl
  • Affordable, professional results
  • Reverse tears, flaking, and other imperfections!
  • 75% of customers order 2 or more for an optimal result
  • Not available in stores!

*Comes with Leather Gel and NOT backing kit if needed for larger tears.



To apply, simply add a small amount of the Leather Repair Gel to a cloth and rub the affected area in a circular motion.

Mixing and matching of colors is required if you want to achieve a color that is not on our color selection. Apply the mixed colors to areas not visible such as the leather underneath to get the best match. Once you have the right color, it is recommended applying it with a small area and working your way up to a larger one.