Kitchen Multifunctional Scissors Stainless Steel Chicken Bone Cleaver Knife

$34.99 $69.99

Product information:
Product name: powerful chicken bone scissors
Product material: 4Cr13 stainless steel

  • This pair of Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Poultry Shears has very powerful functions,It is not only capable of cutting meat and bones, beef, pork, ham or lamb chops,Making large lobsters and large sea crabs,Cut food quickly and safely.It can also prune green beans, asparagus, artichokes and other vegetables,Make fresh corn flakes,Chop bacon or other pieces of meat.
  • You can take this exquisite scissors as a gift.

Size Information:
Weight: 245g
Size: 25cmX6cm

Packing list:
Scissors X 1