Honey Dispenser with Stand Syrup Candy Cane

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About this item

  • no waiting to pour honey. Simply remove the stopper on the bottom of the container. Press on trigger and honey immediately Fall down.
  • Our honey dispenser comes with its very own bottom stopper, keeping your honey server airtight, keeping your honey stored fresh. Use this to put honey in tea, syrup dispenser on pancakes, and even in coffee, without your honey getting clumpy.
  • The syrup dispenser holds 1 cup (8 ounces) of honey or any other liquid, you can use it to fill different syrups.
  • This material is light yet strong and durable. Fill the dispenser with honey or similar liquids. Twist on the cap then push the center piece. It will start to flow out the bottom. Let go of the center piece and the liquid stops flowing.
  • Honey congeals at low temperatures, so when you use the dispenser in winter, please heat the honey dispenser in hot water, otherwise the honey will not flow out.

  • Honey Dispenser - This dispenser is made of clear glass, with honeycomb indentations adorning the sides to add some extra embellishment. The dispenser is easy to clean and to use, with a thumb lever on the handle for easy pouring.
    This dispenser can be filled with honey or syrup and takes the messiness out of dealing with these sticky but delicious flavor-enhancers.

    Size: 8 oz

    Glass; chrome plated lid; dishwasher safe.