High Waisted Shaping Shorts (buy 2 free shipping)

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Look and feel incredible with the High Waisted Shaping Shorts!
If you’re looking for body shaper shorts that pack a punch, you’re in the right place. Our high waisted shaping shorts are designed to gently firm and contour your core areas without any discomfort!

Made from premium and ultra-breathable material, our tummy control shorts allow free movement whilst still providing you with the support and confidence you deserve. The anti-slip silicone strip in the waistband keeps your body shaper shorts in place, preventing slippage and rolling for maximum day-long comfort! 

Plus, with our seamless fabric, these butt lifter shorts ensure total invisibility, meaning you can bid farewell to unsightly VPL!

  • Tummy-to-thigh smoothing support
  • No more VPL with our seamless stretch fabric
  • Anti-slippage waistband technology
  • Premium, breathable material for day-long comfort!

Anti-Slip Double Silicone Band - Double layered silicone strips on the inner waistband guarantees staying power all day. No rolling, no discomfort, you’ll forget they’re there.

Seamless Technology - Made from premium seamless fabric ensuring total invisibility under every outfit. No more VPL.

Comfortable All-Day Fit - Comfortable enough that you can wear all day without feeling squeezed. Molds to your unique shape, eliminating digging and chafing.

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