High Sensitivity Powerful Mouse Trap

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The snap trap with high sensitivity canquickly respond to rat lured into the catcher.Powerful spring enables it to shut instantlyand catch the mouse.
You can put bait in holes which helps lurerats.
ldeal for houses, restaurants, shopping malls,food factories and other places for deratting

Safe to use -No poison, no glue, no touchdesign, very safe to use and no moreworrying of snapping fingers. Easy to cleanodors and blood.
Efficient and high sensitivity - Thesemouse traps are more effective and safecompared to traditional wood or metal traps.Only 0.025 lbs of weight can trigger the trap,With powerful stainless steel spring, thesetraps are suitable to catch small mice.

Easy to Set-Our rat and mouse traps iseasy to install. Put aromatic bait in baitstation like cheese peanut and bacon etc.Place these mice killer traps nearbaseboards, corners or in spaces. Once therodent triggers the trap, the high precision,stainless steel spring will hold it in place andensuring a mess free kill, every time.

Wide Applications-mouse-trap is veryeffective for each size of rats. Reusable andhave 100% kill rate. lt is very efficient forindoor and outdoor, office, kitchen, garage,garden, ware houses, cellars and restaurants.


Color: Black

Material: PE