Cupping massage with heat and infrared light

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Now you can experience massage in a way you have never experienced before! With HeatMassager you can use the same technology that professional masseurs use, but easily, affordably and conveniently directly in your own home. 

HeatMassager works by creating a vacuum according to the technique of cupping massage. In addition, it adds warmth to the body and shines with infrared light, which works wonders for the body. 

Dissolve nodules, reduce pain and cellulite

With HeatMassager you will experience increased mobility and how pain and stiffness are drastically reduced. The treatment makes your skin breathe and stimulates blood flow. HeatMassager also helps reduce cellulite. You will feel like a whole new person!

Perfect for recovery

All people need time for recovery, where the body gets the chance to build up and become stronger. With HeatMassager, you get a great tool to make the process as fast and efficient as possible.

Questions and answers:

How often should I use HeatMassager?

For beginners, we suggest 3-5 min 2-3 times a week. This can then be increased as needed and the more accustomed your body becomes. 

I got red marks on my body after the first massage, is that normal? 

Yes, that's perfectly normal! The massage  can lead to something resembling red suction marks. It is completely harmless and is a result of slag products that come to the surface and disappear after a few days.