Hand rollers hand-made custom model limited

$159.99 $169.99

Pure copper hand-roller, hand-made custom. Can be collected, can be used as a gift.
Can be rolled to 70 mm long and 8 mm thick

Material: pure copper

Craftsmanship: pure handmade and customized

Worldwide reachable, please feel free to place your order. After placing a successful order, the hand-made customized version takes 3-5 days to ship.

Single manual model: 70MM, 78MM

Single manual set includes: a cigarette rollers, 100 sheets of adhesive paper,one pack of sponge head.

Single cassette model: 70MM, 78MM.

Boxed set: one boxed cigarette rollers, 100 sheets of adhesive paper, one pack of sponge head.