Microwave Steamer & Splash Protector

$41.99 $83.98

Splatter-Free Cooking Solution

Experience hassle-free cooking with our innovative microwave splatter cover. Say goodbye to messy cleanups and dried-out leftovers. Keep your microwave spotless and your food moist with our durable and convenient solution. Elevate your cooking experience today!

Enhancing Your Microwave Cooking Experience

Discover the essential features that elevate your microwave cooking, ensuring convenience, efficiency, and delicious results.


Versatile Use, Temperature Resilient

Experience the ultimate convenience with our microwave-safe lid. Crafted for versatile use, this resilient cover can withstand temperatures ranging from -40℉ to 392℉, making it perfect for microwaving, freezing, and more. Say goodbye to messy splatters and hello to effortless cooking and cleanup with our temperature-resilient solution.

Effortless Monitoring, Easy Steam Control

Effortless Monitoring, Easy Steam Control: This microwave-safe lid ensures hassle-free cooking with its transparent design for easy monitoring. Adjust the rotatable vent to control steam release, preventing food from getting soggy. With this innovative lid, enjoy convenient cooking while maintaining the perfect balance of moisture for delicious results every time.


Mildred Mason


This microwave cover is a game-changer! No more cleaning up splatters, and my food stays moist. The adjustable vent is brilliant for controlling steam, and it's super easy to lift. Definitely a must-have for anyone who uses the microwave often!

Randy Tyler


I love how durable and versatile this cover is. It withstands high temperatures, making it perfect for reheating leftovers or cooking fresh meals. The transparent design allows me to monitor my food easily, and the handle makes it convenient to use. Highly recommend!

Edwin MCKenzie


I've tried several microwave covers before, but this one is by far the best. The steam collection vessel ensures my food doesn't get soggy, and the BPA-free material gives me peace of mind. It's a small investment for the convenience it brings. Worth every penny!