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Innovative comb attachment Curved apex Ergonomic handles  Permanent lash pads
Made of high grade steel Spray paint technology Wider than most Non crimping

Then The Lash Tool will be your new holy grail. The comb attachment will allow you to achieve curled, separated and crimp-free lashes in one simple step. We know too well the damage that generic curlers cause and having experienced lash breakage, we designed The Lash Tool so that you can achieve feathery lashes in seconds.
The Lash Tool™
INNOVATIVE COMB ATTACHMENT — guides individual lash hairs, even the shortest ones, into a fan-like, feathery curl!

CURVED APEX — accommodates for most eye shapes, including hooded eyelids

ERGONOMIC HANDLES — allow for a comfortable grip and less strain caused to your fingers! Bonus: you will never have to worry about your curler slipping from your fingers ever again . Achieve feathery lashes, without the damage!

PERMANENT LASH PADS — lash pads are softer and more flexible to provide more support for your lashes! Note: lash pads do not need to be replaced like generic curlers!

Fun fact: The Lash Tool is the only eyelash curler in the world with silicone lash pads that are SGS certified, indicating that they are made at the global benchmark for quality and integrity!

MADE OF HIGH GRADE STEEL — The Lash Tool is made of the highest grade steel. Fun fact: The Lash Tool is sturdier than most curlers on the market.

ANTI-CHIP PAINT TECHNOLOGY — the pretty pink body is a result of a new advanced painting technique that was developed just for The Lash Tool! We know you love exclusivity, and we got you covered!

Fun fact: Each curler is hand painted, to ensure the perfect finish!

WIDER THAN MOST — the head of The Lash Tool was created a little wider than most curlers on the market to accommodate for most eye shapes! Ever struggle to curl those outer lashes? We got you covered!

NON-CRIMPING, NON-CLUMPING & no mascara needed to achieve feathery lashes!



Make sure your lashes are clean,
dry, and mascara-free.



Open the eyelash curler. While
keeping your eyes about halfway
open, place your upper lashes through the curler. Position the curler near the roots of your lashes.



Gently clamp the curler together for several seconds. Your lashes will spread out through the built-in comb, effortlessly and perfectly curling them. Release handles fully before removing the eyelash curler to avoid pulling of lashes.



Curled lashes are 100% yours!