Black Fly Fan - Keep flies away from food at parties and restaurants

$29.99 $59.99

✅ Dual Power Fly Fan for Outdoor Tables - Most fly fans for tables only operate on batteries, which can die quickly and be costly. But this fly fan powers on with either the included USB cable or two AA batteries (not included).

✅ Keep Pesky Flies Away - If you’re worried about flies buzzing around your food, this table fly fan for outside eating gives you peace of mind with all the features to shoo flies away. It’s a safe, easy, odor-free alternative to bug repellents.

✅ Soft, Long Holographic Blades - The reflective pattern on this table fly fan effectively keeps bugs away. Touch the blades anytime to stop them; they will simply restart upon release. It’s a modern natural fly repellent for outdoor dining.

✅ Stylish and Durable - The Modern Fly Fan comes in 2 colors and is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to enjoy their meals outdoors, throw parties on their patio, or someone who runs a food truck or al fresco cafe business.

✅ Extended Warranty - We want you to be happy with our food fans to keep flies away. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about your  fly fans for tables. We’re more than happy to help you.