Bathroom non-slip mat

$76.99 $153.99

If you’re sick of stepping on cold soggy bath mats or slipping on wet bathroom floors — this innovative “stone” mat is perfect for you.

❤️ Quick-Drying, Anti-Slip Design

💧 Evaporates water almost instantly

🌎 Made of natural Diatomaceous Earth

✨ Versatile, long-lasting, minimal upkeep

A Luxurious New Way To Step Out Of The Shower

Soggy, fabric bath mats can turn into breeding grounds for mildew and create bathroom slipping hazards. The  Bath Mat evaporates moisture almost instantly — giving you a clean, dry surface to step on every time.

Mold Resistant

There's a reason we don't put carpet in bathrooms anymore and a mat is no exception. The  bath mat is constructed of crushed stone and hard shell algae making it completely resistant to mold and mildew.

Use it Anywhere

The  mat works wherever you need a clean, dry surface. Use it near pet bowls, near the sink under a dish drying rack, or near the door for wet shoes just to name a few!

Size: 60*39cm
Thickness: 0.9cm