Anti-Wrinkle Patch Removal Patch Face Forehead Eye Patch Reduce Fine Lines Patch

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Product sellpoints

  • sleeping mask: A sleeping mask with multiple colors, can be used as an emergency blanket. The sleeping mask is made of high quality microfiber and has good breathability, soft touch, and can be easily washed.
  • for unisex: Suitable for all kinds of skin, such as acne marks and moles on the surface of the head and face are very effective to prevent the use of other materials.
  • whole face: The product is a new antiwrinkle antiaging sticker, with good effect on your face. It is effective to prevent the formation of skin oil, keep your face and body clean and refreshing.
  • one unit: It can be used for patches on the face and body part in the neck or on the back of your eyes, which is very effective in anti wrinkle, skinfriendly and has good adhesion to the skin.

Please note: other accessories are not included.
100% new quality
Specification: 5 pieces
Color: transparent
Style: decree pattern stickers, eye mask stickers, forehead stickers

1. Astragalus extract, lock water, moisturize cells, reduce wrinkles
2. Aloe has strong moisturizing, water-locking and repairing functions
3. Tea extract, soothes and brightens the skin
4. Niacinamide, repair the bottom of the skin and reduce wrinkles

1. After cleansing, take out the law pattern sticker and tear off the anti-sticking layer
2. Place the patch on the nasolabial fold and gently press to make it fit the skin
3. Use 30-60 minutes each time, take it off directly after use, no need to clean
Shelf life: 3 years

Package Included:
1 Box of 5 pcs * Facial Patch