Adjustable Sink Drain - Instantly save space in your kitchen!

$29.99 $59.99

😱A space I couldn't imagine!

Tired of spreading all the towels around your kitchen?
Drying vegetables, dishes and kitchen items has been a PAIN UNTIL NOW!

With this support, you will be able to  save space,


OVER 100+ utilities! 🤩

The sink rack is a practical device that can be attached to the edge of the sink to dry various household items such as plates, mugs, glasses or cutlery!

⚖️ Perfect for large items in the kitchen! 

This rack is constructed from durable materials such as plastic or stainless steel and can be adjusted to the size and shape of the items you want to dry. Some models even have extendable arms to dry larger items, such as a pan or baking tray.

📌 Material: plastic + stainless steel
📌Adjustable  for ANY  kitchen
📌Dimension: 27 cm minimum length / 48 cm maximum length