5 in 1 Multi-functional vegetable slicer

$42.99 $85.99
You can now prepare the most exquisite recipes quickly and easily. Slice, dice, chop, mince, and mince all kinds of food, e.g. onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, fruits, etc., effortlessly.

Save time in the kitchen
Chopping is now faster and cooking vegetables is no longer an endless activity.
Safe for your fingers
Gone are the days of praying not to cut yourself every time you cook. It is designed so that its blades are located in a safe place and will never come in contact with your hands.
By using the stainless steel blade, you can not only slice vegetables, but also sausages, pepperoni, and even salami for incredibly delicious pizzas.
Easy to use
Extremely practical and easy to use, designed to provide you with a better quality of life in the kitchen.

Designed for your safety
To maximize your safety, all blades are hidden from view and do not pose a risk of hand injury like traditional knives or vegetable slicers.
Easy and quick to clean