4G Tempered Film Case

$26.99 $53.99

Description: We are proud to present the 4th generation tempered glass case for the  series. This film box inherits the unique features of previous versions and introduces new innovative features. In addition to the precise fit and dust removal function of the second-generation film artifact, the most important thing is that it can be used as a mobile phone holder! You can conveniently watch videos and browse content without an additional stand.

We've purposely used a color scheme to give the Movie Box an extraordinarily luxurious feel. Not only does it protect your , but it also shows off your personality and taste. What's more, this aluminum foil case is reusable, eco-friendly and sustainable. You can enjoy its convenience for a long time while reducing the burden on the environment.

Choose our fourth-generation tempered glass case, and you'll get protection and convenience like never before. Its versatility and precision will bring you a new  experience. Whether for protection or support, our tempered glass case is the best choice for your !