2022 NEW 2 in 1 Double Colors Eyebrow Powder

$21.99 $40.99

You can get the perfect eyebrow shape in a few seconds without makeup skills ,Beginners Necessary Brow Stamp !


Our Adjustable Perfect Eyebrow Stamp and Ombre Color eyebrow powderis a revolutionary item to create a beautiful, evenly shaped and natural looking eyebrow for you in seconds!

Achieve Perfect Eyebrows Without The Fuss!

It is perfect for all brow shapes and types as you can adjust the arch depending on your shape. Perfect for those who are always messed up when brushing and coloring eyebrow, suitable for beginners.

Ombre Color Combination】-Each set of eyebrow powder has an ombre color combination for a more  

How to choose the colors

  • 01#(Light gray+Black):Suitable for gray or black hair color
  • 02#(Natural gray+Brown):Suitable for linen hair color or partial blond hair color
  • 03#(Light coffee+Dark coffee):Suitable for brown or black hair color
  • 04#(Light brown+Dark brown):Suitable for medium brown hair color
  • 05#(Red coffee+brown coffee):Suitable for reddish or reddish brown hair color


    • Shelf Life: 3 years