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Craftsmanship of excellence: This pizza dough is carefully designed and manufactured by artisans, whose dedication is reflected in every detail. This product is a symbol of artisanal quality and Italian culinary tradition.

Don't let a delicious pizza turn into a moment of bad luck!

Dimensional Versatility: This pizza pan is a unique choice for your cooking needs. Measuring 35 cm wide and 55 cm long, this pizza tray will meet all your cooking needs. Whether it's a personal pizza or a larger shared creation, this pizza pan will meet all your cooking needs.

Clever sliding mechanism: The real star of this peeler is its sliding mechanism, which turns the critical moment of putting the pizza into the oven into child's play. With a simple movement, the pizza can be lifted gracefully and elegantly, preventing it from bending or the precious ingredients spilling everywhere. This innovative mechanism makes the cooking process easier and more professional.

Trouble-Free Pizza Placement : Effortlessly transfer your pizza into the oven with the clever sliding mechanism of our birch pizza pan. A simple, graceful movement seamlessly transitions from prep to cooking. Watch our mesmerizing GIF below to get an idea of ​​elegance in action.

Craftsmanship in Food PP: This bark is made of high-quality food-grade PP and lends authenticity and aesthetics to any culinary masterpiece. Food grade PP is not only light and strong, it provides long-lasting performance and, compared to traditional wood, prevents potential health risks from mold growth. Traditional wood products can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold due to humidity, while our design effectively alleviates this problem, providing more reliable protection for your health. Choosing PP for food use preserves the delicious cooking experience while avoiding the potential health risks associated with traditional wood.

Expand your passion for pizza: With this innovative pizza peel featuring a sliding mechanism, your enthusiasm for pizza will reach new heights. Proudly made in Italy, this product not only enhances the pizza-making process, it transforms each creation into an extraordinary culinary experience. Delight your friends and family with authentic Italian flavors and discover how the rich traditions of Italian cuisine are an integral part of your kitchen with this high-quality pizza peel, made in Italy.

Specifiche tecniche

Color: natural wood
Product size: 55cm*35cm
Material: high food grade PP

Product care instructions: Can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher
Components included: Pizza peel
Weight item weight: 2.3 lbs