How to use BBL trainer


1. The instrument must be close to the skin, and the skin can be sensed to work normally. If the patch is not clean, it will affect the use. Please keep the patch clean and hygienic.
2. Gear adjustment method: After starting up, press the ON button first, the default mode is 1, the intensity is 0, if there is no operation for 10 seconds, it will automatically shut down, then press the ON button to increase the intensity, and press it once to increase the intensity by 1, because the resistance of the human body It's different, press the ON button several times to switch to the mode that suits you, the highest intensity is 9, press 9 times to reach the highest gear.

How to use the instrument:

1. After receiving the instrument, first press the ON key 5-8 times.
2. Adjust the gear, press the PROGRAM key, select the mode, and then press the ON key, the instrument will work.
3. Press the PROGRAM key to adjust the mode, no need to press other keys.
4. If one side works and the other side does not work, the remote control is installed in reverse and tested, and the method can be used repeatedly.
5. If it still doesn't work, turn off the instrument and start over.
6. The instrument can only work continuously for about 10 minutes at a time. If it is suspended, please restart it.
7. The gel pad is not for permanent use and needs to be replaced regularly. It is recommended to replace it once a week. If it is used frequently, it is recommended to replace the gel pad every 5 days.


How to use the buttock lifter: